Pause For Reflection, Day 1 Part 2

I sat down and wrote the previous blog post almost immediately after I had finished teaching my last bell.

I wanted to make sure that I did it because I was afraid if I put it off I would not write it at all and I want to build a regular habit here.

I think I may still try to write the daily post sooner rather than later but now that I have had time to reflect on the day I thought of what might have been a mistake.

By South Carolina law I had to talk about the EOC (End Of Course) exam and the standards that the students are tested on. I mentioned that the law required it and that I would rather not talk about standardized tests on the first day. While both of those are true, I am wondering if it was a mistake to phrase it that way because it sends the message that I don’t have control over what is going on in my classroom.

That has a lot of truth to it–there’s departmental, school, district, state, and national policies to adhere to. But I do have some control and creative direction and I regret communicating the situation to the students that way.

Well. Here’s to tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Pause For Reflection, Day 1 Part 2

  1. Brian says:

    I think honesty and openness to your students will take you much further than compliance. We all know the pitfalls of utilizing standardized assessments as the ultimate metric of student “success” and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to share that with students.

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