New name, same great taste!

If you didn’t notice, I changed the title of the blog. I don’t know if its any funnier of a joke than the pun with my name, but maybe more people will get it.

People don’t get my jokes half the time anyways. I’m used to it.

I began my student teaching experience [EDIT: I realized right after I posted it may be best to not post where I am student teaching. Its a small public school in Cincinnati.] three weeks ago. My mentor teacher and I have 3 bells of Foundations and Algebra and Geometry 8–we call it “Connected Math 8” because that’s what the textbooks that we use are called– (Those are all 8th grade classes), 2 bells of Algebra I (One 8th grade section and one 9th grade section), and 1 bell of Algebra III (Seniors).

I meant to be writing already and I’ve thought of a lot of things I wanted to talk about, but I’ve felt so busy and overwhelmed that I haven’t yet, despite the fact that I’ve only taken over one class so far: an 8th grade class during 2nd bell. While I am student teaching I have to take a Secondary Methods: Mathematics course, which meets on Tuesday nights. So because of that, this is my first post. Hopefully I will remember everything I wanted to talk about. I’ll have to be more disciplined about this.

In fact, I signed up for this math teacher blogging feed that like 200 new teacher-bloggers are doing. I figured I might as well since I had already started a blog, but I haven’t done any of them, and now I’m about 3 posts behind. Also for that class I am taking I am supposed to “journal” my experiences in education and my professor (a very cool lady who currently works as a math teacher in CPS) said that a blog was fine. So at least for now I have more than just personal development reasons to write this blog.


The thing about writing is that you can’t tell how much time went by each sentence–or each word for that matter– that was written. Sometimes it happens immediately afterwards and is a continuous flow of words. Sometimes it could be a few minutes to a half an hour, depending on if the author doesn’t know where to go next or gets distracted. And other times, other times its a few weeks in between. This final time interval has happened to me a lot with this blog post. I can’t really properly convey the gap that exists between this paragraph and the one that proceeds it. I don’t really know why I wanted to point this out, it just seems weird how there can be a long gap of time between the writing of paragraphs or sentences, but then when you read it everything is available to you at once. Although I suppose it could be that you could get interrupted reading just as I get interrupted writing, but gaps in reading are different from gaps in writing. But anyway, enough tangents about how interruptions can alter the flow or structure of a composition or that written word hides the time between thoughts in a way completely different from spoken words.


The reason I got off on that tangent is that I’ve started this post three times and I have yet to post anything teacher-blog related since I started teaching five weeks ago. I think it is because I want to put too many things all in one post. Which is why I’m going to cut this off and put the other stuff I’ve been writing and thinking about in subsequent blog posts.

So yes. Student teaching. 8th graders! Connected Math! Graduate school! New blog names! Unrelated tangents!


2 thoughts on “New name, same great taste!

  1. Just wanted to encourage you to keep blogging! During my student teaching experience, I often didn’t feel like my blogging was of much value. Looking back, I’m so thankful that I was blogging about the good and the bad. It’s so fun to look back through old posts and relive previous lessons and experiences.

    It’s definitely worth the time investment. Can’t wait to hear more about your student teaching experience!

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