Rule #2 Double Tap…I mean post. Double Post.

(Speaking of rules for killing zombies, this whole people eating people thing is getting crazy in the news. But that’s way off topic.)

I have been following Frank Noschese (pronounced no-SKAY-zee, I asked him once) on Twitter for a while now. I really learning from what he has to say. I don’t really want to just keep sharing links on my blog like I would on Twitter or Facebook because I view this as a place for me to process and share my own thoughts on education, but I was only about a minute into Frank’s TEDTalk and he said something I really, really liked. He’s talking about what he sees scientists doing versus what he sees students doing.

“Scientists: they create, they explore, they discover, they reason, but what are our students doing? They’re consuming instead of creating. They’re watching instead of exploring, verifying instead of discovering, and recalling instead of reasoning. And that’s a problem.”

Every single thing Frank listed that scientists do, mathematicians do as well. And therefore mathematics students should also be doing those things. Even though Frank teaches science I always value what he has to say because I think sound science education is not that different from sound mathematics education. I want to create a mathematics classroom where my students create, explore, discover and reason.


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