We talkin’ about PRACTICE

I was speaking about blogging and education to my good friend Phil Didion (I call him Phillip K. Didion sometimes because of our mutual love of science fiction and renowned sci-fi author, Phillip K. Dick, and because of how well the nickname works.) Phil has quite a bit more blogging and writing experience than I do and he was kind enough to let me blather on about my thoughts on education and give me some feedback. He said:

  1.  If you feel passionate about something its good to get your thoughts out. Even if you don’t blog, just journal. It helps.
  2. The only way you can get better at translating your thoughts into a good blog post is by doing the same thing anyone does to get good at writing. Do a lot of it.

I thought that was very good advice. Even though I’ve only written two blog posts before this one I had a couple thoughts about it as well and they’re closely related. The first is to be brief. I wanted a medium where I could be more verbose than Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t really think that anyone wants to read my hundred page thesis on education philosophy every other day. The second is to stay mostly on topic. I write like I speak, winding around the point, making a lot of asides and tangents, and providing more background then necessary. I don’t know whether it is some conceited thing where I like hearing my own words or if I just feel compelled to give people a complete picture when I tell a story.

As I blog more I hope with practice that I get better at organizing and communicating my thoughts in a concise manner.


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